2016 Art

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LOLA SHERWOOD // Festival Art Curator // @everyoneonly



Born and raised in Brooklyn, Dek has been painted every corner of New York City for over 20 years. Coming up in a diverse community, DEK was influenced by this multi-cultural background, hip-hop, graffiti art and typography. These influences have molded DEK into one of the more sought after artists in New York City and beyond. His work ethic, consistency and knowledge of the streets are unmatched.  You have seen his work whether you realized it or not, his vibrant color palette and trademark style are immediately recognizable.


New York City based Artist Minus One aspires to pay homage to the Brooklyn streets of his youth, old cartoons and the forward thinking visionaries of 1950s Sci-fi while maintaining his Hip-Hop influence. Using the mediums of both large scale murals and comic books interchangeably, Minus is able to bring authentic graffiti to the page and lively comic book art to his painted pieces


LOVENOTES is a New York City based artist whose alias formed at a young age through her submergence in Bronx Graffiti culture. Heavily influenced by anime, comic books, youth, street art, film noir, and fairytales, LOVENOTES strives to create artworks that are charged with her emotional and spiritual vision of the world usually involving the female figure. She is still very passionate about graffiti culture but has branched into other forms of art. She primarily works in paint but has a great love for using different mediums, methods and styles to spread the movement of love.


Reup career as a Painter, Graphic Designer and Photographer began in the mid 90’s as he discovered the graffiti world, which exposed him to many unique environments throughout Brooklyn, Washington DC, and all the way down the East Coast.  Even in the disposable camera days, he took photos of everything around him whether it be a beautiful country side to gritty New York City graffiti. Reup has done work for include: The TV Show “Top Chef’s”, Good Stuff Eatery, We The Pizza, The Smithsonian, and Profreshionalism.

Doug Aldrich

Doug Aldrich  is an artist based out of New York City creating work that mingles graphic art and a bold color palette with a mindful sense of design. Sharing influence from both American traditions, its subculture and the art of advertising, his work creates a similar contrast in their surreal pursuit and use of symbolism, whether on walls or canvas.

Ye Park

Ye excels in several areas, whether it is visual design, street art, or as a film photographer, her talent is limitless. After being born in Seoul and spending some time on the West Coast, her skill set truly began to find it’s identity after she moved to Brooklyn several years ago.  She strives to be visually fluent through colors and shapes. Her true passion for the artistry of hip hop sparked a heavy interest in graffiti during her early teens. The city has helped her to perfect her craft and pave the way to achieving an ideal lifestyle.

Chris RWK

Born and raised in New York. Comics and cartoons sparked my interest. Graffiti opened up my view of other types of artwork. Fine art kept me interested. Throw in music, family and friends… Oh and some more cartoons and you have ChrisRWK

Mr. Nerds

Mr Nerds is a New York based artist and muralist. Born and raised in Jamaica, Queens, Mr Nerds’ work has been shown throughout the country. As a member of the Bushwick Collective, his outdoor murals can be found in Bushwick, on various walls throughout New York City, Miami and Detroit. Mr Nerds has been an ever present influence of the New York City art scene and will continue to spread his presence worldwide.


Klops is a young Asian American man born and raised in Queens, NY.  He is a self taught artist and graffiti writer. In 5 years he has become one of New York City’s top graffiti writers to follow. He is also a ping-pong master. “I do awesome graffiti so you don’t have to.”


Started painting streets 1985 at the age of 15 and has been a consistent contributor to the Graffiti art form ever since, bridging the gap between his roots in street paintings and a culture sensitive approach to commercial work.  Writing graffiti has taken Dmote and his artwork to subways, streets and galleries all over the world.  New York, Canada, Tokyo, Spain, Italy, Holland, Switzerland, Germany, Croatia and Bosnia (Sarajevo). Dmotes work has been published in countless magazines and videos on the subject, he continues to stay true to the fundamentals of the artwork remaining active as a street writer and artist. Dmote lives and works in New York.


Based in New York City, Seb Gorey works as an artist and designer focusing on overcoming the decay of our civilization. His work portrays the ingeniosity and versatility of human made recycling, englobing the end of industrial production and the revenge of nature. The main aspect of his production is the idea of stacking and coliding disparate elements to form unity. The traditional stylistic, rather figurative, approach depicts a post apocalyptic environment influenced by street culture in which the humans have survived.


MAST is a NYC based graffiti artist who started making a name for himself in the early ‘90s earning a reputation for coupling aggressive letters and stylized characters. His attention to detail and primary focus on letter-forms themselves give his work a solid foundation in traditional graffiti as he continues to hone the illustrative vocabulary of his visual language. MAST was recently awarded 1st place overall in the 2014 ONO’U International Graffiti Festival in Papette, Tahiti and 1st place in the letters competition again in ONO’U 2015. As an invited guest artist, MAST will be producing his largest mural to date at this year’s ONO’U 2016 mural festival.


Born and raised in Queens, NY, STAE2 has emerged as a leading aerosol artist known for his stylized lettering and versatility. His informal apprenticeship in the 1990s with classic New York City graffiti artists helped develop his lettering, aerosol paint techniques and desire to discover various surfaces to apply his work. His graphic design background has helped refine his work together without losing its street essence. STAE2’s work can be seen across much of the United States, and his work has also sent him abroad to Greece, Ireland, Canada, Spain, Mexico and Tahiti to leave his signature mark. His aerosol work has been published and featured in The Graffiti Exchange, Broken Windows NY, Graffiti NY and Graffiti Burners. His artwork has been commissioned by Sprite, Yoo-Hoo, Google, GE, Vornado Properties and Kraft Foods to name a few.


VIZIE began pursuing art at an early age, quickly becoming focused primarily on graffiti. Along with his brother NEKST, he has made his mark with long stops in cities like Kansas City, San Francisco, Oakland and Chicago, and eventually landed in New York where he has lived and worked for the past decade. In addition to his graffiti career, VIZIE explored a fine art practice. Through printmaking, photography, computer illustration and painting, he honed his skills in both the conceptual and the practical application of his work. His vision has found its expression in a wide range of projects from zines, to large-scale museum pieces, as well as commercial work.

Steffi Lynn

Steffi Lynn is an illustrator working and living in Brooklyn, NY.  Her work is filled with quirkiness, color and character. She is driven to take normal scenes and moments and make them playful and exciting. Her work is inspired by everyday things and simple imagery from her imagination. Steffi’s talents and inspirations are diverse and her illustrations reflect her many interests. Her intent with her work is to create something bright for the viewer to enjoy. Steffi’s work has been published in places like Seventeen Magazine and MTV.com.